About Us

COMING SOON! SoupBOX- Four types of delicious soups, made from scratch that you pick up from the delicious.delivered. kitchen once a week.


delicious.delivered. is a catering company whose passion is providing inspired, fresh and delicious food.

We believe that food is an adventure that should satiate both the palate and the soul. We don’t believe in processed foods or standard fare menus. We do believe that great food takes time. We have a deep respect for spices and herbs, simmering, seasoning, brining, basting, mincing and caramelizing.

We accommodate your culinary preferences and work within your budget. We can create catered menus that range from organic, vegetarian, gluten free, low sodium, paleo and raw to themed menus that can be as interesting as food inspired by Casablanca, Picasso and the music of Bob Marley. We are incredibly adept at creating regionally inspired menus from many parts of the globe.

When we create menus, we are inspired by the best that culture has to offer. We are informed by art, music, history, colors and textures. And most importantly, our food is flavorful and delicious.

Because we are a boutique catering company, we are nimble enough to provide personalized planning, execution and delivery. We can often accommodate eleventh hour requests without sacrificing quality. Most of the time, the answer is yes, we can do it. If we can’t, we have a diverse network of the best of the best that we can happily refer you to.

Our main concern is your satisfaction.

At delicious.delivered., we live to eat. Along with friends, family, community and creating a well balanced life, we believe that good food takes thoughtful planning, creativity and a lot of love.

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