Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FoodBox?

It’s a box of prepped and packaged food ready for you to eat fresh, or apply minimal time cooking. Depending on your appetite, the FoodBox will account for 60 percent to 80 percent of everything you eat for the week, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I leave some room for eating out, adding carbs and/grains or going out of town.

How does the FoodBox & SaladBox by Gail work?

  1. Order your FoodBox or SaladBox by 10pm on Tuesday.
  2. Pick up your order from the kitchen between 5:30pm – 7pm on Friday.
    For example, order by 10pm on Saturday, October 21th to pick up on Friday, Oct 27th.
  3. Enjoy your delicious FoodBox or SaladBox.
  4. Re-order by 10pm on Tuesday!

How many servings or meals are in each FoodBox?

With phones chiming, emails to return and an endless to do list, FoodBox by Gail gives you the freedom to manage your life AND eat healthy and whole foods to fuel your body and your mind. I give you a box of food and you get to choose your own adventure. Grab a snack here, make a delicious salad there or prepare your “square” meal. You have the freedom to eat what you want, when you want. I provide the food to do it the way *you* want to.

Need something more quantifiable? 60-80 percent of your weekly intake is what is estimated in each Foodbox. At 3 meals a day, each FoodBox consists of 12-16 meals. Below is a breakdown of what comes in each FoodBox.

Containers No. of Variaties Total Ounces Ounces per Servings No. of Servings
Protein 3 36oz – 48oz 6oz – 8oz 10 – 16
Vegetables 2 72oz 6oz – 8oz 8 – 10
Fruit 2 72oz 6oz – 8oz 8 – 10
Oatmeal & Fruit* 1 72 6oz – 8oz 8 – 10
Frittata or Breakfast Bake 1 varies n/a 3
Snacks 1 varies n/a 3
Salad Base 1 16oz 2oz – 3oz 5 – 7
Salad Mix-ins or Side Vegetables 3 40oz 2 oz – 3oz 13 – 20

*Oatmeal & fruit can be substituted with Chia Seed Pudding upon request.

How do I order?

Order your FoodBox or SaladBox by 10pm on Saturday via the Order page on this website. Each FoodBox is differentiated by the pick up date. You can order just one week at a time or pre-order several weeks. Order no later than Saturday at 10pm to pick up the following Wednesday.

For example, order by 10pm on Saturday, October 7th to pick up on Wednesday, Oct 11th.

How do I get the FoodBox? 

You pick up your FoodBox from my kitchen, anytime between 5:30pm and 7:00pm on Wednesday evenings. Alternatively, I can make sure it gets in an Uber that you call between the hours of 5:30pm and 7:00pm on Wednesdays. If I send it in an Uber, I ask that you take responsibility for it after it leaves the kitchen. I will seal it extra well!

How much is the FoodBox?

The FoodBox is $120. Check out the Order page for multiple box order discounts.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made by credit or debit card via PayPal online or by Check/COD at pick up.

How long does the food last?

The food will last a week. How is that possible? I expect that whatever protein you will not eat within two days, you freeze and then thaw when ready to eat. The fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and cooked vegetables will last a week.

The key to keeping the food fresh is putting it in the coldest part of the fridge, and making sure the containers we package the food are always resealed tightly after your open them.

How long does it take to have a meal ready?

It will take 10- 20 min. The longest time will be when you need to cook a piece of steak. There have been *many* times I’ve been on the run or busy, had to eat in between meetings, or even in the car and I have grabbed a couple of random things from the fridge to make a meal. You can put as little or as much effort into it as you want!

Do you provide recipes or instructions? 

Some knowledge of cooking is helpful, like how to cook a piece of fish or steak. I encourage you to be creative with the food, post pictures of what you eat to give others inspiration, and use Siri or Google when you get stuck. If you are really at a loss about something in the box, call or text me! 80 percent of the box is ready to eat.

What is the menu?

I usually have an idea of a few items I will put on the menu, but generally speaking, I am often inspired by what is fresh and available when I go shopping. This way you get a better box that is economical and inspired by creativity and freshness. Even though what’s in your FoodBox will be a surprise. I do strive to provide a box without wheat, dairy, nuts, soy or added sugar that is simple enough to inspire the home chef in you or eat as is.

Can I make substitutions?

Overall there are limited substitutions. For those of you that don’t eat pork, I will substitute roasted chicken. If I am already doing roasted chicken for the FoodBox, you will get a double order of roasted chicken. Oatmeal & fruit can be substituted with Chia Seed Pudding upon request. Let me know in the comments section when you sign up. For your safety, also comment about any allergies.

Do you have vegetarian boxes?

I don’t have vegetarian boxes available yet, however I do have a SaladBox with salad greens, roasted garlic massaged kale and 160 oz of mix ins, including 16 oz of roasted chicken. You can request a meat free SaladBox.

What is in the SaladBox?

16oz of salad

10oz of roasted garlic massaged kale

160oz of different mix-ins (10-12 different items)

16 oz roasted chicken (Vegetarians can request a meat free SaladBox)

How much is the SaladBox?

SaladBox is $80 per week. Check out the Order page for multiple box order discounts.

How many Boxes are available?

I can accommodate 30 FoodBoxes, based on the amount of cold storage I have. Order as often as you want, or as little as you want. As long as you are one of the first 30 orders that week you get a Box. Also, make sure you have enough space in your fridge for all of the food you will get!

What happens when I pick up the food?

The Kitchen is located in Bailey Village on NW 6th Street near the police station. I will text you the address and directions after you register. It will take me about 10 min to pack the food in your box and/or bags and you will be on your way. It’s super important that you go directly home with the food, and put it in the fridge. I always want to be aware of food safety, and your food will last longer without changes in the temp of the food. Whatever fresh seafood or meat you do not eat within 2 days, please freeze and thaw when ready to eat.

Tell me about the containers.

I use containers that are meant to keep food fresh for a while. They are airtight.  Please return all containers (except the small 2 ounce ones) when you return to the kitchen to pick up your next box. It would be great if you can wash them, however I will always rewash and sterilize them before I reuse them again.

What about food allergies?

Although I strive for the entire menu to be low carb, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and added sugar free, this isn’t always 100 percent possible. If you are strict *anything* or allergic to something, please let me know.

Tell me more…. 

This box is good for your body and *mostly* free of the many of the common allergens. This box is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, nut free and added sugar free. It consists of whole foods, nothing processed. Make sure to specify Chia Seed Pudding instead of Oats to make the Box grain free. Please let me know if you have a life threatening allergy.

Some other thoughts..for those of you that have had my catered food, this is different. Like my catered food, its fresh, healthy and prepared with love by me. My main objective with the FoodBox & SaladBox is that they are, simple, easy and healthy. Although your FoodBox or SaladBox will be delicious, it is not a representation of my catered food. Just a heads up!

Cancellation policy.

Cancel within 5 days of pickup. No problem.
Cancel 3-4 days before and there is a $50 charge.
Cancelations within 24-48 hours, will be responsible for the entire amount of the FoodBox.

Alternatives if you have to cancel, gift it to someone or share it with your family. Thank you for understanding and cooperating with our cancellation policy.


Call:  352-727-1473

FoodBox by Gail is a project of delicious.delivered. catering company.

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