What is a SaladBox?

It’s a box of prepped and packaged food, ready for you to heat, eat fresh, or invest minimal time cooking.

What is in the SaladBox?

1lb of roasted garlic massaged kale

1lb of salad

10 pints of different mix-ins

roasted chicken (Vegetarians can request a meat free SaladBox)

How does the FoodBox & SaladBox by Gail work? 

  1. Order your FoodBox or SaladBox by 10pm on Tuesday.
  2. Pick Up your FoodBox or SaladBox from the kitchen between 5pm – 7pm on Friday.
  3. Enjoy your delicious FoodBox or SaladBox without the time and headache of shopping and chopping. Don’t forget to re-order by 10pm on Saturdays!

How much is the SaladBox?

Currently, the SaladBox is $70.

On Sept 22nd the price of the SaladBox may increase. Anyone that has ordered the FoodBox or a SaladBox by Sept 22nd will be pay these introductory prices until March 2018.

How do I order?

Order via the SignUp Genius Link no later than Saturday at 10pm for Wednesday.

For more details, visit our FAQ page.




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